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Extraordinary News | Ministry of Land and Resources: Clearly draw a red line for photovoltaic land! Violation of the red line speaks of legal responsibility!

On the morning of October 10, a press conference was held in the B103 department of the Ministry of Land and Resources to support photovoltaic poverty alleviation and standardize the land used in the photovoltaic power generation industry, introducing the "Opinions on Supporting PV Poverty Alleviation and Standardization of the Land Used in the PV Power Industry".

The 2017 policies on photovoltaic poverty alleviation are good!

Recently, the National Energy Administration released the "Implementation Plan on Accelerating the Promotion of Energy Construction in Deeply Poverty-stricken Areas to Boost Poverty Alleviation". The "Plan" stated that, as conditions permit, various energy projects should be given priority to layout construction in deeply impoverished areas. At the same time, accelerate the approval of special energy planning for deep poverty areas, and promote the priority development, conversion, and utilization of energy resources in deep poverty areas on the basis of standardizing the order of energy resource exploration and development. Urge relevant provinces (regions) to tilt the scale of wind power and photovoltaic construction to "three regions and three states" and other deeply impoverished areas.

There are several occupations in the future rural areas you do n’t know about, and photovoltaic power generation is the first! !

Before reading the text, let's understand what is the home photovoltaic, mainly to use the idle resources on the existing buildings of the family, such as roofs, wall facades, balconies, courtyards, etc., to install and use distributed photovoltaic power generation systems; Small capacity, many installation points, simple grid connection process, and obvious direct income. It is also a form of distributed photovoltaic power generation application with the highest state subsidy.

Understand PV loan correctly, what is the "PV loan agreement" signed between the company and the bank?

Earlier, several articles were published to reveal the so-called "photovoltaic loan" scam, prompting the general public to keep their eyes open and raise vigilance, so as not to allow criminals to use the "photovoltaic loan" as an excuse to obtain private and personal losses. These scams have caused a lot of negative effects on the real "photovoltaic loans" supported by national policies.

Environmental pollution is urgent, we are acting, for the benefit of future generations, we are duty-bound

All along, due to the high energy efficiency of coal for power generation, coal-fired power plants have become large coal-consuming consumers, and their carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and soot emissions rank first in the emissions of various industries, causing serious environmental problems influences. Coupled with productive pollution, domestic pollution, transportation pollution, etc., the air environment in China is constantly deteriorating, the PM2.5 particle concentration in the air is increasing, and the haze weather is flat, which seriously affects people ’s lives and the air environment is urgent! There is an urgent need to improve the energy structure. SCC integrated solar photovoltaic power generation shoulders the banner of Chinese people's health, innovative energy technology, and vigorously develop clean energy-solar photovoltaic power generation. The enterprise is based on quality, the soul is the product, and we are taking action to create the blue sky and good ecological environment of the motherland!

Develop photovoltaic power generation and be the vanguard of the blue sky defense battle

On March 5, 2017, the Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress opened, and Premier Li Keqiang gave a government work report. In this government work report with a total of 18,508 words, three places mentioned smog and clean energy, five times talked about environmental protection, 14 times talked about pollution, and the fight against the blue sky was one of the key tasks this year.

Solar power is unstoppable

1. Solar power is unstoppable and strongly supported by national policies.Energy is in an emergency, environmental pollution is under pressure, and the international community is paying attention to the Chinese environment. Adjusting the energy structure is a contemporary trend. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the country will significantly increase the development of renewable energy. Relevant data shows that by 2020, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will reach more than 100 GW, which is about 12 GW per year for the next 6 years. Traditional energy no longer dominates, and in the future, new energy represented by solar photovoltaic will become an important power generation force. Household solar photovoltaic power stations with batteries are becoming more and more popular, and the use of distributed photovoltaic power stations has entered the "ordinary people's homes".

17 cases involving photovoltaics July 12, 2017 12398 Energy Regulatory Hotline Complaint and Reporting Situation Report

In July 2017, the National Energy Administration's 12398 hotline received 8811 pieces of valid information, an increase of 53.26% from the previous month. Classified according to the nature of the request, 1481 complaints, accounting for 16.81% of the effective information; 22 reports, accounting for 0.25% of the effective information; 6135 consultations, accounting for 69.63% of the effective information; 1173 other aspects of praise, help, and suggestions, accounting for 13.31% of valid information. The problems reflected in the complaint report are mainly concentrated in the power industry, followed by the new energy and renewable energy industries. Problems reflected by the power industry in power supply services, cost prices and charges, power safety, etc .: First, low voltage in some areas, frequent power outages, and untimely repairs; Second, arbitrary charges in some areas, estimated, missed, and wrongly copied electricity; Third, there are hidden safety hazards such as damage to the protective layer of individual power facilities and the drop of overhead lines. The new energy and renewable energy industries mainly reflect the problem of untimely payment of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in some regions.

Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province on Accelerating the Construction of Village-level (including Household) Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Stations

Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province on Accelerating the Construction of Village-level (including Household) Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Stations

Chongqing Poverty Alleviation Office and Energy Bureau: Notice on relevant matters concerning the preparation of the "13th Five-Year" photovoltaic poverty alleviation plan

In order to implement the central government's new deployment and new spirit of photovoltaic poverty alleviation work, according to the arrangement of the national photovoltaic poverty alleviation work site meeting, the director meeting of the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office and the municipal-level departmental liaison meeting, in accordance with the National Energy Administration's "About the 13th Five-Year" photovoltaic assistance plan The Notice on the Preparation of Relevant Matters (Guoneng Xinneng [2017] No. 39) requires summing up the experience of the pilot and combining with the actual situation of our city, and will promote the city's photovoltaic poverty alleviation pilot work in an orderly scale to ensure the effect of photovoltaic poverty alleviation. The relevant issues of the preparation of photovoltaic poverty alleviation during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period are as follows:
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