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2017 The 2nd Photovoltaic Forum and Poverty Alleviation Seminar of Henan Province was successfully held!

In order to implement the spirit of the third promotion meeting of poverty alleviation in Henan Province and give full play to the unique advantages of poverty alleviation of photovoltaic power generation, this sunshine project that benefits people's livelihood and does practical work should be firmly grasped and do a good job to win the Henan province poverty alleviation battle In 2017, the photovoltaic poverty alleviation work promotion plan will be fully promoted.

Warm congratulations to "Yuanxian New Energy" for the shortlisted CREC2017 top ten brand selection!

With the vigorous support of national policies, after the publicity and promotion in recent years, distributed photovoltaics are no longer unfamiliar to the people, and there has even been an installation boom in some places. However, in the face of uneven photovoltaic products and installers, people do not know how to screen, which has become a bottleneck affecting the healthy and rapid development of the household photovoltaic industry.

Shanghai Yuanxian New Energy invites you to go to the Xi'an “One Road One Belt” PV Exhibition

From August 18th to 20th, Shanghai Yuanxian New Energy carried a full range of photovoltaic crystalline silicon modules and Yuanxian original home photovoltaic systems at the "One Road, One Belt" "Xi'an International Photovoltaic Exhibition and Silk Road Photovoltaic Industry Development Summit Forum Exhibition" .

Congratulations to Shanghai Yuanxian New Energy as the first batch of operation and maintenance enterprises in the photovoltaic poverty alleviation demonstration project!

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation mainly consists of laying solar panels on the roofs of houses and agricultural greenhouses, "spontaneous use, excess Internet access." In other words, farmers can use the electricity themselves and sell the excess electricity to the national grid. Through distributed solar power generation, each household will become a miniature solar power station.

Congratulations to the successful completion of the 100KW industrial plant project in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and grid-connected power generation!

Congratulations to the successful completion of the 100KW industrial plant project in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and grid-connected power generation!

Why do we need a household photovoltaic power generation system? In addition to saving power, what else can you give!

Home photovoltaic, mainly uses the idle resources on the existing buildings of the family, such as roofs, wall facades, balconies, courtyards, etc., to install and use distributed photovoltaic power generation systems; with small installation capacity, many installation points, and simple grid connection process The income is obviously direct, and it is also a form of distributed photovoltaic power generation application with the highest state subsidy.

One piece of land, two pieces of income! Still the most reliable photovoltaic agriculture!

What is the relationship between light, electricity and agriculture? The scc integrated solar editor will give you a talk. Photosynthesis and photoelectric effect, a group of basic concepts from biology and physics, have a novel collision and combination at the industrial level derived from its main principle-photovoltaic agriculture, that is, on a piece of land At the same time, solar power generation and high-efficiency agricultural production are realized. Why and how does solar photovoltaic power come together with agriculture? After "agriculture + photovoltaic", what will agriculture look like and where will photovoltaic power go? For some time, the reporter has continued to pay attention to the development of photovoltaic agriculture and visited a company The "smart photovoltaic + technology agriculture" project, etc., tried to find answers to these questions. The town of Shajiabang on the shore of Yangcheng Lake has rivers and cramps, and reeds are overgrown. Rich aquatic resources have created a developed fishery here. In the core area of ??Jiangsu Changshu Modern Fishery Industrial Park in Shajiabang, there are 240 acres of "shining" fish ponds that are unique: rows of aluminum alloy stands stand in the fish ponds, and more than 40,000 polycrystalline silicon solar energy are erected on the pond surface Photovoltaic panels; in fish ponds covered by photovoltaic panels, hairy crabs, lobsters, Chinese turtles, pond turtles and other special aquatic products have a good growth trend. Water power generation, underwater farming, comprehensive utilization of land and solar resources-this is the first domestic "fishing-light complementary" photovoltaic agricultural project developed by a company in 2011, in the southern Jiangsu area where fish ponds and reeds are numerous. The exploration is full of gold. Complementary fish-light, forest-light, and agricultural greenhouse photovoltaic projects are collectively referred to as "photovoltaic agriculture" in the photovoltaic industry. Whether at the theoretical level or in the current practical exploration, this kind of "grafting" of photovoltaics and agriculture has been demonstrated and proved to be a promising industry fusion.

Build family photovoltaic power stations to help the poor with photovoltaics

The family solar photovoltaic power station refers to the installation and use of distributed solar power generation systems on the home's own roof. The family photovoltaic power station has the advantages of small installation capacity, low investment, simple grid connection process, high income and long-lasting, and is also a country. A form of poverty alleviation strongly advocated and subsidized.

Photovoltaic power generation helps poverty alleviation

In the 2017 government work report, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned poverty alleviation 8 times and poverty alleviation 7 times, and proposed the goal of reducing the rural poverty population by another 10 million within the year, which shows the importance attached by the State Council to fight poverty alleviation. When the Energy Bureau convened the 2017 Poverty Alleviation Work Leading Group Meeting, it was clear that solar photovoltaic power generation poverty alleviation is one of the four major tasks of the year, and proposed that in 2017, photovoltaic poverty alleviation village-level power plants will have no upper limit, and the main construction will be 100-300Kw. the way.

The National Energy Administration organized a survey on the progress of the first 20 CSP demonstration projects

Recently, the General Department of the National Energy Administration issued the "Letter on the Investigation of the Progress of Delegating Solar Thermal Power Demonstration Projects", requesting the three units of the Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design Institute, the Electric Power Planning and Design Institute and the National CSP Alliance Investigate the construction progress of 20 solar thermal power generation demonstration projects.
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